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Strategic communication

Creating strategic communication is a process of planned and professionally executed work, including a widely acceptable and useful communication strategy. No matter if you are NGO, institution or company, strategic communication is a foundation for efficient and goals oriented communication every day.

Digital communication

Digital devices are an inseparable part of our life. Websites, mobile apps, online meeting platforms are available for a wide range of budgets. The magic key to digital success lies in the content creation and innovative tactics to find your digital star to impress and succeed. 

Social media management

Social media is much more than taking photos and posting on a regular basis. Social media policy is a foundation of editorial approach that primarily focuses on organic growth that supports business and communication goals. Content creation is the most visible part of social media management, but planning and analytics are queens of success.

Event management

My long history of organising national and international sports events and competitions includes a long list of activities from strategical planning to the most minor detail that is important for a user experience of the event. 


Facilitation is a participatory approach to consensus decision-making and better cooperation among diverse groups. I am a certified facilitator with experiences in outdoor and sustainable tourism, nature conservation, public services, new business development and tech industry.

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