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8 years of making my own story

I forgot about my business anniversary for the past few years, but yesterday a strange coincidence reminded me that 8 years ago I officially started my freelancing path!

I can’t sum it up all the ups and downs and special events and clients of those 8 years. The only thing that is going through my mind now is: If I can do it, everybody can! I’ve never planned of running my own business, I’ve never behaved and played like a real businesswoman 🙂 It is not just for those 8 years, but I can surely claim that all of my life it is just doing what I love and still loving it when those crazy moments come and make me think: why the hell  am I doing that?

While at the beginning of that bumpy road I was excited by all sorts of team and the most popular sports, today I get goosebumps for those crazy sports where is a total mess of organisation, no money, but a lot of passionate people to follow me 🙂

At the beginning I was thinking all about the fans and sponsorship activation, today I am thinking about people and how to make a smile on their faces. And there are so many other projects that don’t fit into any standard category. Although it sounds untypical topic for me, if I am working on it, I love it (and hate it sometimes). No worries, I’ve not become a cheesy person 🙂

Overall I think I haven’t changed much 🙂 I found new buzzwords for what I am doing 🙂 new inspiring people to work with and my restless mind is still asking me: what are we going to do now?

My dear Mind: I am getting a slice of cake. Two, please! 🙂

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