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Creating a story: hard to imagine, until you can see it

Storytelling, creative development, copywriting, name it – a buzzword of today’s business (not just marketing & communication). Do you feel lost because your product, service, or work you do doesn’t have a story to tell? Just google it!

The ultimate guide to storytelling.

Storytelling that sells.

5 rules of good storytelling.

10 ways to effective storytelling.

Those are just the most common hits on google about storytelling. It is some kind of ironic that the most popular online content about telling stories doesn’t have a story!

When do you know that your story is good? When the sale numbers are rising? When your video hits millions of views? When your photo is viral?

It is not hard to make a story. We learn how to make it as children. With a good aim: to get more chocolate, to get out of the house (in my childhood 🙂 today the goal is to get a new smartphone and to spend more time on parents devices). Then when we grow up, we develop stories for different purposes: my dog ate my homework, I am late because the car was broken, I am breaking up with you because I have to find myself. And so on.

When we create business and start with selling the product or the service, we choose pick-up lines to get the attention. We create websites and social media accounts. We post pictures, videos, and at one point, we are overwhelmed with all the content we create (or pay for the creation).

Then we start searching for a good marketing advice: how to sell more?

  1. 7 sale strategies

  2. 5 effective principles

  3. 10 steps

  4. 4 secrets

  5. 13 ways

  6. Sell anything to anybody

I just googled it 🙂

Sale storytelling is really inventive! I can’t decide between steps, ways, secrets… of something tough to imagine until you can see it. Touch it. Feel it. Until is takes all your attention and make you feel that you mean something. That you can identify with. That you can contribute to something. That you satisfy your needs. That you will mean something to somebody.

Good stories are those that awaken us. That we want to share it with others (not only on social media – it is just a channel that needs a specific format of the content). That we want to tell it immediately to the family, coworkers, friends…

There are also empty stories that get a lot of attention. Click-bait or click-bite? They impress with impressively high numbers of share.

So, what will you choose? Will you ignore business buzzword “storytelling” and just tell people what you want? It is probably the most authentic story! Don’t forget to be creative in that. Creativity is another “hard-to-imagine” activity, but it helps to avoid copy-paste communication, and it is a great way to show the passion you invest in your brand.

If you are still reading this, probably you are questioning: And what is your advice in comparison to all those millions of storytelling tips by international consultants? Well, there is no advice. Just act. Work. Do it. Make mistakes. Try. Again. Keep doing what you believe in!

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