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It is not about the effect, but your mindset

Not so long time ago someone told me: Don’t complicate your life, it is complicated enough itself. So, my plan for the last three weeks was quite simple: get out of the comfort zone and do something new – without a special goal or reason.


Time available: 20 days (don’t say it was a long time because it passed faster than 3 minutes with my dentist)

Plan: have fun, kite a lot, do something you want and go to Sidi Kaouki

After last match of football national team on October 9, I was packing and working all night to prepare everything and everybody for my almost 3 weeks out of office reply. The transfer from Ljubljana to Milan Airport was mostly unseen because of the lack of coffee effect (I was close to the moment when my blood could be called Illy or Lavazza). After the arrival to the airport, I again realised that sometimes my superpower called I-can-do-everything-by-myself is not enough to carry board bag and three other pieces of luggage. Especially at Milan Airport where they charge 3 EUR for a trolley. I am a woman, I can carry or handle everything – especially when I want to save 3 EUR.

So the plan was to fly from Milan to Marrakesh and then take a bus to Essaouira. As the plan didn’t work (3 hours delay at border control), superpower was already used, the coffee effect didn’t work anymore, and the city was full of tourists (meaning all rooms for my I-will-never-pay-3-EUR-for-a-rolley level budget were taken). It is good not to have a plan, because then others will have one – as happened to me with the taxi driver who knew someone I-don’t-remember-whom-in-Dakhla and went to buy me a ticket and he found me a room for 15 EUR with 3 beds (for me, myself and I – each of us had her own bed).

I started planning again: wake up at 7, be at the bus station at 7.30, bus departures to Essaouira at 8. Perfect. In the time zone of Paris, Berlin, Belgrade, Ljubljana … Not in the Moroccan timezone. So, one extra hour for a coffee and a French lesson called How to (finally) teach Vesna the difference between 15 and 50 in French? Charge her 15 dirhams for a coffee and croissant and she will again think that 15 is 50 and her I-will-never-pay-3-EUR-for-a-rolley mindset will be pis**d off – also the waiter was with my 100 dirhams banknote – but now I know that “quinze” (15) dirhams is the price for a coffee and croissant in Marrakesh, “cinquante” (50) dirhams is a tourist price for a taxi in Essaouira from the bus station to my Hotel Vent des Dunes (normal price from 7 to 9 dirhams).


After I saw the ocean, felt the wind and got sweating on 25ºC I wasn’t thinking about 50 dirhams for 3 minutes drive with taxi anymore. I unpacked the famous “trio” luggage, took my flip flops and probably ran to Ocean Vagabond in Essaouira.

And from here on, every day was full of effects that caused my “kite smile” and moments that will keep me motivated until the next time.

First 2 weeks Moroccan guys – Youssef, Boujemaa and Badr – and I were studying the famous book for the IKO instructor exam, we passed the assistant instructor course and even more famous on-line tests. My instructor for the assistant part was Rachid – I said that many times but still I don’t feel I am repeating that as much as he deserves – an open book of experiences who knows when to let go your “kite baby” (the expression stolen from Vinz :)). I didn’t have much time, also, the wind was light and I didn’t ride as much as usual, but I still got my “kite smile” back with assisting. And that’s what counts for me 🙂 

IKO instructor level 1 course and exam

The D-day for IKO instructor level 1 exam was coming faster than we were able to study all aerodynamics and effects 🙂 I took a day off and left my book in my lovely pink room for a day, took a bus to Sidi Kaouki for practicing my wanna-be-surfing. Probably if I go to my hometown tomorrow, I will never meet so many people who know somebody whom I know. And of course, I can’t wait going back there with my “Moroccan family” (soon, I hope).

2015-10-22 13.20.10

The last 5 days of being in Essaouira we had IKO instructor level 1 course and exam. Of course, I was scared, a little bit less after receiving nice reports from Dakhla 🙂 I missed that rhythm of challenging myself for a long time. Homework, practice, listen (yes, I should talk more – quite uncommon for me to be so quiet), observe… Lots of knowledge, experiences, different points of view produced such a storm of thoughts and ideas that I couldn’t sleep at nights (and due to all motivation and power during the days I finally finished my new website).

During such an intensive course you can really get know yourself better. When we are grown-ups, mostly we are sure we know everything and of course, we know how to go through the days, be smart and make money etc. But most of the time as grown-ups we forget how to be curious children, not to be offended with other opinions or comments, jump for your desire or wish and keep the smile on our faces. The pressure is always a good indicator if the desired path is what you want or are you just testing if this is not a mistake. If you question yourself for improvement, look for different interpersonal and external effects and simply believe in your way – you will make it – regardless ages, language difficulties, fears or lack of self-confidence. As the famous quote says: A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. Everybody has his or her own personal big waves, shore breaks, currents, rips, tides and other obstacles. And we just need to adjust to new circumstances 🙂

Above all that abstract thoughts 🙂 I got useful and reasonable tips&tricks how to teach kiteboarding in a fun and safety manner. Now I have a new list of answers for those comments “it is you the problem and you are not smart enough to solve it” to teach kiteboarding. Thanks to – I really don’t want to sound cheesy – the most dedicated and open minded kiteboarder I’ve ever met – Vincent Herbillon. I think I can speak in the name of the group that we are really happy to be your students.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Martin and all team at ION club Ocean Vagabond Essaouira for unforgettable memories and the opportunity to be part of your team. It was the best time of my “kite life” 🙂 until the next visit 🙂

So, what’s next? Change flip flops for winter shoes and wait for the wind 🙂

Thank you again for sharing really great time with me – in alphabetical order 🙂 – Abdul, A.J., Badr, Boujemaa, Courtney, Jeannie, Karim, Martin, Rachid x2, Saida, Simon, Vincent, Yunus, Youssef, Zakaria. 

Hope I see you again soon 🙂 till next time hugs and kisses!

p.s.: sorry for a long post, it was written under Boujemaa effect 😉

Happy Group shot copy

Photo: Jen Paston

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