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To follow the mainstream or to be authentic? That is the question.

Get more likes, followers, fans and your communication will be successful. Is that true? Do you want to be popular like Donald Trump? Just hit another series of likeable and shareable videos and photos, add a popular quote and you are done!

Looking for different perspectives: The look only a piece of wood knows it!

I borrowed a famous Shakespeare’s quote “To be or not to be, that is the question” for the title of a hot topic in communication: How to be on a cover of daily news? How to be the first news on a TV show? How to get more likes, followers, fans and that everybody will share it?

With the growth of social media, everybody recognizes these media channels as important. You have to be there otherwise you don’t exist. Really?

Every media has its growth curve and communicator managers have to adapt to the current situation to reach their goals. And those goals are usually defined by simple numbers: number of articles, number of fans & followers, number of likes. Most often when planning communication strategy communication managers follow best practices. And here is the catch!

It is great to know what is happening in your environment in general, what your competitors are doing and learning from experiences, but – and important but – you don’t need to be a copycat!

Super filters and presets for photos, timing and big budgets for sponsored news, advertorials and make-my-product-big social media posts by influencers can’t buy you authentic relationship with your customers.

And what is the definition of authentic? Ask yourself, ask your employees, customers what they like about your company, product, service and why they don’t. Explain why things they don’t like are there in such a shape or user experience. Or what are you planning to do to change this? Show the vibe in your company behind your product and logo. Look for Your point of view. Try new things. You can fail of course. And fails are for sure the most-watched videos on social media! Sorry for the irony, but it is true, people identify more with those who are willing to show bad and good days, bad and good habits etc.

There is no scale what is authentic and what is not. There is no formula to create an authentic communication strategy, plan, events, social media posts. And there is no simple way to build a trustworthy relationship with existing and potential clients or customers. There is just a (lot of) work and dedication to the brand that you are working for. Simple? Yes, if you are willing to step out of mainstream expectations!

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